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Legendary Surfers

19.03.2018 / ARTICLE / 10 MIN READ

"Legendary Surfers" clothing collection.
Photo by Pablo de Pastors.


“Legendary Surfers” is one of our last ventures, in which we pursued having a production process completely responsible for our environment. May you wonder how we tackled this... that's what we've done!

A few months ago we realized that we were accumulating many fabric leftovers from past collections. This fact clashed with our objective of being environmentally responsible and completely conscious about all the effects our production processes have in our context. So, at this point of the reflection, we saw that we had to do something with all this good quality material stockpiled up in our warehouse, and only two options were possible: recycling the fabric leftovers or give it a second chance and create something new from it.

We played for the second in a very firm way. Even if we only had one meter of a kind, we used it!

Work in progress.
Photo by Salva López.
Work in progress. Photo by Salva López.
Fabric leftovers ready for a second chance and become a new Firmamento piece of clothing.
Cutting machines doing their work in Moda 22 workshop.
Generating too many leftovers isn’t too responsible for a company. It means certain loss and more importantly, it supposes more waste added to our ecosystems.
Pieces of clothing cut, waiting for being
silkscreen printed and then manufactured.

While planning this new clothing production we realized that because we were working with the limitation of just using the fabrics we had in our warehouse, all resulting garments would be limited editions and unique pieces. More difficulty was added to the production process, but we really liked the idea of uniqueness, since a new value was added to the clothing we were working on.

We ended up having a maximum of 5 pieces per model (one per size), even in some cases there only exists a unique piece. All pieces are numbered and limited to a total of 184. People who would decide to buy one of these Firmamento T-shirts or sweatshirts would be proud of having a piece of which not many exist around the world. 

"Legendary Surfers" comprises a collection of unisex T-shirts and sweatshirts, all featuring different fabric combinations and different colour and size pattern. Pieces range from XS to XL sizes, and from 2 to 10 years for children.
"Legendary Surfers" sweatshirt nº 17 and T-shirt nº 13.
Photo by Firmamento.
Firmamento showroom. Photo by Enric Badrinas.

The project wasn’t finished here. We wanted all the garments having something in common and working on a pattern to be silkscreen printed in each piece was the thing that motivated us the most.

We had been following Marcus Oakley work for a while and we really like his illustration work. We always thought we’d be super happy with doing a collaboration with him. So, we had it a go and got in touch with him with the proposal of designing a pattern for this special Firmamento project. That’s how our relationship with the British artist began.

Screen ready with the pattern designed by Marcus Oakley.
"Legendary Surfers" sweatshirt nº 5. Photo by Pablo de Pastors.

Marcus Oakley designed a series of surfers to be silkscreen printed on each piece of fabric. A pattern featuring what seems a simple drawing language reminding to geometry and also to prehistoric representations. The design reflects how Oakley enjoys the physicality of drawing and connecting one line with another. Thick lines, thin lines, curved, straight, fast, slow, wonky,… all having their own special mood and melody, used and combined to create the legendary surfers riding waves of this pattern.

In “Legendary Surfers” we keep on with our cornerstone of supporting local production and artisanal procedures as the way of being environmentally sustainable and to establish tight relationships with the people involved in the creation of a Firmamento piece.

For the careful work of silkscreen printing Oakley’s pattern, we counted with the professional skills and accurate hand of Atelier Spritz. Frédérique is one of the persons we love working with because she does a very good handmade work and she always understands and gets motivated about the challenges we propose in every new project.

Colour tests in Atelier Spritz.
Silkscreen printing process in Atelier Spritz.
Silkscreen printing process in Atelier Spritz.
Frédérique doing her best in Atelier Spritz.
Silkscreen printing process in Atelier Spritz.

We could keep on explaining this unique venture… Find out more about “Legendary Surfers” in the interview we did to Marcus Oakley, and in the articles about the photo collaborations we’ve developed with Pablo de Pastors and Christopher Mitchell respectively. 

Shop online the "Legendary Surfers" collection:

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Legendary Surfers Sweatshirt nº.5

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