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Morocco Surf Petit

22.01.2018 / ARTICLE / 5 MIN READ

Morocco Surf Petit


There are many places where you shouldn't bother if surfing conditions are not what you expected to be like. There is more to life than waves guys! Morocco is on my top list.

Amazing landscapes, extremely kind people, delicious food, beautiful villages and dreamy spaces. A wonderful combination that stroke me 30 years ago and has kept me going there every three to four years.

Imsouane is one of the places in Morocco that I love visiting any time I can enjoy a few days off from work and meetings. It’s a small town and rural commune in the province of Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane, in the region of Souss-Massa; a well-known destination for its beautiful surf beaches, but also a very popular spot for its good fishing. The large fish market is a wonderful event to see.

Imsouane fish market.
One of the surf spots in Imsouane.

Last time I went there the weather forecast was not optimistic at all, so I reduced my expectations and every surf session was a gift. Ten days in Morocco and I could only enjoy one day of good surfing in the beautiful bay of Imsouane and two days of great kitesurfing in Moulay Bouzerktoun, a sleepy village 25km north of Essaouira. 30 knots and one-meter swell. Enough for me to keep a smile on my face until my next time.

One of the surf spot in Imsouane.

The good thing about not being that busy with surfing was that I could enjoy more the local life.

Imsouane is quite far from the rest of the cities nearby (Agadir and Essaouira) and that remoteness the village’s benefit from has two good consequences. One is that there still exist many people who live in a very traditional way. -Noted that Imsounae isn’t a super populated village. For you to make an idea, think that at the time of the 2004 census the commune had a total population of 9353 people. And they were all living in only 1704 households!-


Imsouane villagers still live and work in the old town. They go fishing by boat, come back once the job is done, take the fish out of the boat, clean it in the streets and then, immediately, put it up for sale in the market.
Imsouane port.
Imsouane fish market.

I’d say that Imsouane still remains authentic, although few changes have occurred since the modern fishing port was built. Houses there are made of mud and painted in different colours. All built along the coast and against the mountain rock walls that surround the town, generating narrow streets in between constructions where the local elders meet up with the youth, all chatting and laughing together.

A house in Imsouane.
Nice painting in the front door of a house.
Local villager selling coffee in the street.

The second advantage of being so secluded is that you won’t find herds of tourists there. Imsouane has been spared from mass tourism until very recent, although it is true that for the last few years more tourists are arriving this quiet fishing village, most of them, same as me, looking for the long, mellow rights wrapping into the well-protected South-facing bay.

One of the surf spot in Imsouane.

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