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Yoghurt Sponge Cake

02.02.2018 / ARTICLE / 8 MIN READ

Firmamento sponge cake made by colleague Alex Cervera.


Last week it was the Firmamento anniversary and Alex from the design team made such a delicious sponge cake to celebrate it. He made a personal version of the traditional yoghurt cake conceived by the popular and incomparable Spanish chef Karlos Arguiñano. 

Here we call it “bizcocho” and it’s one of the most popular pies in the Mediterranean cuisine, made with basic and natural ingredients such as olive oil, flour and eggs. A super good treat for breakfast or for an afternoon snack, even better if it goes with a cup of hot chocolate and have it after a surf session.

Wanna have it a go?

For those sweet teeth and for the rainy Sundays at home, here it is a classic, simple and timeless cake recipe.

Not a high level of cuisine knowledge is required! And it will only take you around 60 minutes to have it ready to eat.

Here we go! To make one of this sponge cake for 4 people you’ll need the following ingredients and quantities:

3 eggs (if you go for free-range ones, it will taste happier)

1 lemon flavoured yoghurt (that’s what the original Arguiñaño’s recipe says, but instead you can use a natural yoghurt and then add the lemon touch by using some more grated lemon peel)

Olive oil (half the yoghurt pot)

Sugar (two yoghurt pots. If you go for whole cane sugar it will taste healthier)

Flour (three yoghurt pots)

Yeast (1 of the small packets, more or less 16gr)

1 lemon

1 spoon of powdered sugar

Last but not least, you’ll also need some more flour and a bit of butter to grease the mould.

Ingredients for a yoghurt sponge cake.
Let's go hands on it!

First of all, turn on the oven at 180ºC, so it’ll be warm by the time the dough is ready to be baked.

Once that’s on, crack the eggs and put them in a big bowl. Then, add the sugar and beat it vigorously.

Pour the eggs and sugar into
a big bowl.
Beat the eggs and sugar.

Once you’ve mixed the eggs and the sugar, add the yoghurt and olive oil and keep on beating.

Wash the lemon! and, with a grater, grate the peel and add it to mix.

Sift the yeast and flour over the mix and blend it with heart. (You may need to use a flour shifting device to do this properly). Once you have completely mixed the ingredients, set aside the resulting dough for a minute.

Meanwhile, grease the mould with the butter. Make sure that any tiny gap is left without grease and then sprinkle some flour on it. What we achieve with this is that the dough won’t get stuck to the mould.

Pour in the dough. It should be equally extended in the mould.

Sift the yeast and flour over the mix and blend it
with heart.
Pour the mix into the mould.
Make sure the dough is equally
Time to bake!

Put the mould with the dough in the oven for 40 minutes at 180º C.

Once the time is over, take the cake from the oven and leave outside to a room temperature so it gets cool. Wait for around 20 minutes and it’s ready to un-mold and taste!

Leave the cake to a room temperature for
a while before un-mold.
Cake is ready for decoration.
No, no, no... Wait!

Before eating it’s time to free your imagination and decorate the cake sprinkling the powdered sugar on the top of it. (You can find some youtube tutorial on how to make templates to do cake decorations).

Now it is the time. Enjoy!

It’s perfectly sponge!

Extra practical tips for those who want it perfect 🙂 

It’s important that you only grate the yellow part of the lemon because if you grate also the white part (the one in between the yellow and the fruit) it’ll bring a bitter taste to the cake.

Also, if you don’t have powdered sugar at home or you don’t want to buy the big pot since you’ll only need a spoon or two, there’s an alternative for that. If you have a coffee grinder just put some sugar on it and switch and process until it becomes powder.

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